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At Bruderon, Inc. our goal is to present, to the public, the very best in natural health care products.  From our ExtRemedy topical pain lotion to our Physicians Blend HGH to our Lowsterol, we are able to give effective, natural products that do the job you need to make your life better and easier to enjoy.

Please read through the following information on our products, and then visit their respective websites.  We think you will find that we have some wonderful products that help people in their pursuit of a more natural, healthier, more comfortable life and lifestyle.

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A natural topical OTC pain lotion


A Physicians Blend HGH Extreme

The best Homeopathic HGH available in the world.



A Patented Product of Bruderon.

Lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar and lose weight, naturally and safely.







ExtRemedy pain lotion is the best pain reliever you will ever find.  Simply rub it on pain and the pain is gone in 15 seconds, guaranteed.  If pain is not gone in 15 seconds, re-apply and it will be gone in 15 seconds.  We are so sure of this that we give you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Directions: Apply liberally on area of pain and rub in thoroughly. If pain is not completely gone within one minute, apply some more. If pain persists, call us at our toll-free number 877-299-9777.  Some severe pains may possibly need a little more time and several applications the first time used, but fewer applications the ensuing times used.


What we have discovered in ExtRemedy is a way to get pain relief to the source of the pain almost instantly in a natural over-the-counter topical lotion, without the usual discomfort of irritation or any dangerous or unhealthy chemicals or the strong or foul smell usually associated with topical pain relievers.  This is an amazing lotion with a slight, pleasant smell, that when rubbed on, alleviates pain instantly. ExtRemedy does not numb either. It absolutely works on all pains such as arthritis, muscle pain, backache, all joint pain, headaches, including migraines and sinus headaches, sunburn; essentially all pain.


Warning: Eliminating pain does not alleviate the problem causing that pain. *


* WARNING: The body uses pain to let us know that something is wrong.  Once we have established that the pain has done its job in delivering this message, we no longer need the continuing reminder of the pain from our bodies.  Once we abolish the pain, that does not mean that the problem is gone, simply the pain.  Therefore, we need to realize that the original problem remains and should be treated, as would any injury in need of healing.  Simply removing the pain does not cure the problem.  For example, if one was to break one's arm and was able to rid oneself of the pain from the broken arm, the arm remains broken.  So when using this product, we fully expect for pain to be removed, however, the problem that caused the pain will most probably still remain.  Therefore, please take care after abolishing the pain that nothing is done to exacerbate the cause of that pain.  This product is not designed to replace any healing therapy.  So if injured, seek medical advice.  If you feel no pain, you still may have other work to do to avoid injuring, re-injuring or slowing the healing process.

You MUST test this product to check its efficacy.

This lotion is natural and the ingredients are actually good for the body; save for the harmless FDA-mandated preservatives.

When applied to pain, ExtRemedy relieves that pain within seconds.  It is that simple and that great.

Ingredients: D.I Water, Emulsifying Wax, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Triethanolamine, Jojoba Oil, Cetyl Esters, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Carbomer, Fragrance (Jasmine, natural), Germall

Homeopathic Ingredients: Aloe 2c, Arnica Montana 2c, Chamomile 2c, Calendula 2c, Ginseng 2c


ExtRemedy challenge:

Dennis Doyle, president of Bruderon, Inc., providers of natural ExtRemedy lotion, puts forth the following challenge to any manufacturers of pain relief products:

“I am willing to go into testing, by an independent entity, of ExtRemedy against any other pain reliever, including unhealthy prescription narcotics, for speed and efficacy of pain relief.

In the event of such a test, if ExtRemedy is not quicker acting and/or more effective a pain reliever than that it is tested against, Bruderon, Inc. will pay for said testing and issue a statement in the form of an affidavit stating that, although we have a great product, it is not as great as the product we tested against.  If, however, ExtRemedy proves to be the better in the testing, the competing product manufacturer shall pay for said testing and shall put forth that ExtRemedy was the better product in testing, issued in a statement of affidavit.  If the manufacturers of ExtRemedy should opt to decline testing against another product, a reasonable explanation and an affidavit to that effect will be submitted to the competing pain reliever.”



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-A Physicians Blend HGH Extreme-

Homeopathic HGH is the alternative to expensive injections.  A Physicians Blend HGH Extreme is the best of all homeopathic HGH products.

The New England Journal of Medicine published studies (1990: volume #323) showing that HGH may reverse the biological aging process. Below are some of the benefits you may experience when using HGH:

  • Increased energy, stamina, muscle strength and mass.
  • Ability to sleep soundly and awake rested.
  • Loss of mood swings and depression.
  • Sharpened Mental Acuity/Attitude
  • Sexual potency
  • Body fat loss.
  • Loss of wrinkles and skin elasticity
  • Aids in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Improvement in immune system and vision


Different people will experience different results. Some people will see immediate, dramatic results, while others will experience subtle benefits.  With proper exercise and diet the result can be much faster.  Research shows that positive results will happen within the first six months of use, you have to be patient. 

If you smoke, drink and fail to exercise or have a poor diet the results you desire may take longer.  There will be times that your body will enter into a resting phase and some of the results that you were experiencing will seem to diminish or disappear.  If you experience this, your body may be repairing itself.

Tests have indicated that you should resume experiencing the benefits and may even see some dramatic improvements.  Below is a general list of expectations and you may or may not experience the below results in the stated time period.  The key is to HAVE PATIENCE!!!

First Month


  • Increase in energy
  • Improved stamina
  • Better and sounder sleep
  • More optimistic attitude


Second Month


  • Improved muscle tone
  • Improved nail growth
  • Better digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Enhanced sexual function
  • Improved skin tone
  • Increase in strength
  • Better eyesight


Third Month


  • Mental processes improve
  • Faster recovery for wounds and sore muscles
  • Reduction in PMS Symptoms
  • Greater body flexibility
  • Alleviate some menopausal symptoms
  • Muscle size increases
  • Hair growth
  • Increase in sexual desire
  • Less pain


Fourth Month


  • Same as above, most improvements are heightened and are more consistent.  At times some of the results may seem to diminish or vanish.  Your body may be using the HGH to rebuild damaged tissue and needs to rest.  Continue using the spray as directed.


Fifth Month


  • Impressive weight loss and reduction in inches
  • Thickening of skin and greater elasticity
  • Improvement in skin, color and appearance
  • Reduction in the appearance of wrinkles


Sixth Month


  • Cellulite greatly diminishes
  • Eyesight greatly improves
  • Stronger resistance to colds, flu and other illnesses
  • Grayed hair begins to return back to your natural color
  • Medical tests show a reduction in cholesterol (LDL)
  • Triglycerides and blood pressure normalize
  • Body is more contoured
  • Better emotional stability
  • Pain and soreness disappear
  • Excellent exercise tolerance
  • Heart rate improves
  • Some conditions due to disease vanish or are diminished
  • Immune system improves

With a proper diet and exercise the result may be faster, deeper and more pronounced!

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A Product of Bruderon.
U.S. Patent Pending



Lowsterol® is a novel all-natural, fiber and gum based proprietary product whose composition is subject to several US and worldwide patents.(U.S. Patent Pending ) Lowsterol®, is a proprietary product that reduces body lipids (particularly cholesterol if it is raised), helps reduce body weight, moderates blood sugar and protects from gastrointestinal ulcers and cancer.

The major components of Lowsterol® are: psyllium husk, guar gum, plant phytoesterogen, guggul lipid, chelated chromium and surfactants—all components are approved for use in humans as dietary supplements. Lowsterol® is devoid of any pharmacological response as its components are not absorbed. The US FDA has allowed claims relating to benefits in managing heart disease to the components of Lowsterol®.



Lowsterol® is taken three times a day by sprinkling over 8-oz of water prior to each meal; even when meals are skipped, Lowsterol® is continued in a strict regimen. Lowsterol® acts by following mechanisms:

1.      It provides a feeling of fullness and sensory reactivity to reduce dopaminergic satiety response.

2.      It combines with gastrointestinal juices to reduce their irritating impact in the gastrointestinal mucosal wall.

3.      It provides essential soluble fiber needed for correct bowel response.

4.      It combines with cholesterol and other lipids and reduces their absorption without causing any rectal leakage of oils.

5.      It binds many chemicals known to cause gastrointestinal cancer.

6.      It provides a soothing coating over ulcerated surfaces of gastrointestinal membrane.

7.      It modulates blood glucose response—particularly useful for diabetics.


Lowsterol® does not interact with the absorption of vitamins or minerals and it does not affect the activity of any other drugs or nutritional supplements taken concomitantly.


Although Lowsterol® will aid in weight loss on its own, when taken with the following protocol, the weight loss is much more effective.  An essential component of the dietary plan to reduce weight includes periodic food intake and low calorie diets.

Given below is a regimen that has resulted in study subjects achieving significant weight loss:


·        Breakfast: One scoop of Lowsterol® with water, Wheatabix (or a toast) with fat-free milk. Coffee/tea as required with only artificial sweetener.

·        Mid-Morning: One fruit of choice, either apple or orange (not banana) with 8 ounces water.

·        Lunch: One scoop of Lowsterol® with water, one can of SlimFast® (or a sandwich).

·        Afternoon: One fruit of choice, either apple or orange (not banana) with 8 ounces of water.

·        Dinner: One scoop of Lowsterol® with water and a sensible portions of food as desired.


Cool and crisp lettuce with cucumber can be taken whenever desired throughout the day and in any amount. This regime would normally cause weight loss of about 2-5 pounds per week. Better performance is expected if subjects also do aerobic exercise such as walking for at least half an hour per day. It should be known that according to the US Government advise, adults should maintain a BMI of 24 or less.


Available to medical profession are research papers on the safety and efficacy of the components of Lowsterol®. A brief description of each component of Lowsterol® is given below.




Lowsterol® is NOT approved by the US FDA as a drug nor any of its claims are approved; it is a nutritional product and a valuable source of soluble fiber and minerals. No guarantees of the efficacy of the product are provided. Those desiring to test the efficacy of Lowsterol® should consult with their physician, have their blood chemistry (particularly lipids) tested prior to starting on a regime of Lowsterol®.







Psyllium is native to Iran and India and is currently cultivated in these countries. The seeds are primarily used in traditional herbal medicine. Psyllium seed husks are mainly used to treat constipation. Psyllium has been used in connection with the following conditions: Constipation, Diabetes, Diverticular disease, High cholesterol, Irritable bowel syndrome, Atherosclerosis, Diarrhea, Hemorrhoids, High triglycerides, Ulcerative colitis, Weight loss and obesity.  In addition to its traditional and current use for constipation, psyllium was also used topically by herbalists to treat skin irritations, including poison ivy reactions and insect bites and stings. It has also been used in traditional herbal systems of China and India to treat diarrhea, hemorrhoids, bladder problems, and high blood pressure. Psyllium is a bulk-forming laxative and is high in both fiber and mucilage. Psyllium seeds contain 10–30% mucilage. The laxative properties of psyllium are due to the swelling of the husk when it comes in contact with water. This forms a gelatinous mass that keeps feces hydrated and soft, provided it is taken with sufficient water. The resulting bulk stimulates a reflex contraction of the walls of the bowel, followed by emptying. Psyllium is a common ingredient in over-the-counter bulk laxative products. Numerous double-blind trials have found that supplementation with psyllium can lower total cholesterol and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Psyllium supplementation has also improved blood sugar levels in some people with diabetes. The soluble fiber component of psyllium is believed to account for this effect.




Vegetable-derived phytosterols, mainly Beta-Sitosterol, with campesterol and stigmasterol and made by a de-oiling process from soybean. The material can be used in food supplements or in food preparations. Studies have shown beta-sitosterol lowers serum cholesterol levels. In addition, research has shown reduction in colon carcinogenesis in animals taking beta-sitosterol. Chemically, phytosterols are vegetable analogues of cholesterol. Phytosterols are found in a variety of vegetables, including grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits. Research has shown phytosterols interfere with cholesterol absorption and thus prevent the rise in serum cholesterol. Clinical trials with humans showed eating phytosterols reduced serum cholesterol levels. Phytosterols may possibly also reduce serum cholesterol by inhibiting the intestinal reabsorption of circulating cholesterol.



The mukul myrrh (Commiphora mukul) tree is a small, thorny plant distributed throughout India. Guggul and gum guggulu are the names given to a yellowish resin produced by the stem of the plant. This resin has been used historically and is also the source of modern extracts of guggul. Historical or traditional use (may or may not be supported by scientific studies): The classical treatise on Ayurvedic medicine, Sushrita Samhita, describes the use of guggul for a wide variety of conditions, including rheumatism and obesity. One of its primary indications was a condition known as medoroga. This ancient diagnosis is similar to the modern description of atherosclerosis. Standardized guggul extracts are approved in India for lowering elevated serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels.



Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF Chromium).  Chromium is an essential trace mineral that helps the body maintain normal blood sugar levels. In addition to its well-studied effects in diabetes, preliminary research has found that chromium supplementation also improves glucose tolerance in people with Turner’s syndrome—a disease linked with glucose intolerance. Chromium may also play a role in increasing HDL (“good”) cholesterol, while lowering total cholesterol levels.



Guar Gum

Guar gum is an emulsifier, thickener, and stabilizer approved for use in a wide range of foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. It is sold as a white to yellowish odorless white powder, which is available in different viscosities and different granulometries depending on the desired viscosity. Its viscosity is a function of temperature, time, and concentration. One advantageous property of guar gum is that it thickens without the application of heat. Guar Gum is derived from the ground endosperm of the guar plant, Cyanmopsis tetragonolobus belonging to the family Leguminosae. The guar plant is mainly grown in India and Pakistan from the month of July to December. At harvest time, the seeds are extracted from the pod of the plant and then ground into guar gum. Guar Gum is a natural high molecular weight polysaccharide composed of galactan and mannan units. Polysaccharides are complex sugar molecules with nine or more simple sugars (monosaccharides) linked together. Examples of other types of polysaccharides include starch and cellulose.




Simethicone is detergent, which is also used as a nonprescription drug used for short-term relief of excess gas in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It is also used to relieve symptoms of infant colic. Simethicone is available as a nonprescription product alone and in combination with nonprescription antacids, for relief of stomach upset. In Lowsterol® simethicone is used as a surfactant to improve dispersion of product.

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